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Type de contrat
Thèse & Post-Doctorat
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11 jan. 2022
Zone géographique
Croissy-sur-Seine, Île-de-France
Je prépare ma candidature

Postdoctoral in Oncology M/F

The position is based in Croissy-sur-Seine (France) until the opening of Paris-Saclay Center of Reseach in 2023 and in close collaboration with the in vitro pharmacology department

Servier is a global pharmaceutical group present in 150 countries and employing 22, 500 people worldwide. Commited to accelerate therapeutic innovation to serve patients, the Servier Group focuses on cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, oncology, neuropsychiatric and venous diseases. In 2020, the Servier Group achieved a revenue of 4.7 billion in 150 countries.

Whatever your area of expertise, your work within the Servier Group will help advance therapeutic progress to serve patient needs. At Servier, you’ll be part of teams recognized for their scientific excellence. Ready to build the healthcare of tomorrow, they share strong fundamental values: care, dare to innovate, commit to succeed, grow by sharing.

Servier is certified Top Employer Europe 2021.

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Main Focus and Challenges

Prosurvival members of the BCL-2 family are involved in cancer. Servier has a strong know-how in targeting such class of proteins (i.e. BCL2 or MCL-1). The goal of the postdoctoral is to further characterize a BCL2 family related target to improve the value of the drug discovery project by potentially identifying new therapeutic indications and combinations/biomarkers

Key responsibilities

  • Better characterize function of the undisclosed target and thus potentially extend indication(s) of the future inhibitor beyond known therapeutic indications in oncology (i.e.: immunoinflammation)
  • Support biomarker/sub population of interest identification thanks to a better understanding of the highly dynamic regulation of the target of interest
  • Identify relevant drugs combination as well as characterized their mechanism of action/synergy



  • PhD in cellular science and/or oncology
  • Experience in cell signaling and oncogenic drivers, knowledge in immunology/immuno-inflammation is a plus
  • Experienced in cellular biology assays, flow cytometry and co-culture assays a plus


  • Teamwork, Scientific rigor, creativity, Adaptability
  • French is a plus, English is compulsory

Le Groupe Servier s’engage pour la diversité et le respect de la législation dans le cadre de ses recrutements.

At Servier, we are committed to therapeutic progress to serve patient needs. We put the diversity of our employees as a source of richness for the fulfillment of this vocation.