Nicolas, Scientific Communication trainee
NicolasScientific Communication trainee

TrainingStudent in 5th year of Pharmacy

I am Assistant Project Manager in the Scientific Directorate, France, which is responsible for the Group’s scientific communication and medical reputation in the fields of psychiatry, cardiology and oncology. My job is to supply the regional directorates with the environmental information necessary for their communication with doctors. 

On a day-to-day basis, I participate in the advancement of a number of projects such as:

  • Launching of a new drug for which I carry out regular scientific and competitive intelligence. I am also in charge of creating and conducting certain training seminars for pharmaceutical sales representatives on targeted molecular therapies.
  • The development of a digital application in collaboration with an external service provider in which I intervene in the design of its structure, its ergonomics and the drafting of the contents and their validation with the regulatory and legal departments.

This internship gives me an overview of the implementation of projects in a big company. Always ready to listen, I have the pleasure of working in a dedicated team which supports me every day. The diversity of the tasks, the relationships with the various departments and the trust placed in me by my superiors enable me to make rapid progress and develop my skills in a number of therapeutic areas.

I am a fifth-year pharmacy student and this internship has strengthened my desire to carry on at the start of the new academic year with an apprenticeship leading to a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Marketing.

Camille and Elsa, Therapeutic Quality Assurance trainees
Camille and ElsaTherapeutic Quality Assurance trainees

TrainingMaster 2: “Responsibility and Quality Management in Health Care Industries” Master 2: “Quality Assurance for Health Care Products” Pharmacy Faculty, Industry sector (5 years)

We are doing our internship in the Therapeutic Quality Assurance division in the departments responsible for the products developed in the therapeutic areas of Neuropsychiatry and Oncology. Our job is to carry out prevention and management of the quality risks associated with clinical studies on various products under development.

On a day-to-day basis, we are responsible for:

  • Drafting and revision of quality procedures while participating in dedicated working groups.
  • Updating and creation of training materials concerning internal procedures and “Good Clinical Practices”.
  • Preparation of tools for clinic study audits and analysis of results.
  • Playing a supporting role for our internship tutors in the follow-up of their clinical studies.

This first internship in the pharmaceutical industry is a highly formative experience in the Quality and Clinical Studies fields.

The diversity of our tasks, their cross-functional nature and the autonomy we have in the organization of our work enable us to make rapid progress and benefit from an overall view of the projects in progress.

Our integration in the team is excellent, thanks to the welcome from our department, the atmosphere in the company and the lunches with other trainees which are highly conducive to a friendly environment and opportunities to meet people.

This internship has reinforced our career choices. In the new academic year, each of us will be going on to a Master’s degree in Quality Assurance.

Gwenaëlle, Clinical Studies trainee
GwenaëlleClinical Studies trainee

TrainingDoctorate in pharmacy complemented by a Master 2 degree in “Evaluation and clinical development of health care products”.

I am a Medical Scientific Manager in the Cardiovascular Innovation Therapeutic Pole. My mission involves participating in the design of a phase II clinical study in the field of strokes and in the finalization of a phase III clinical study in the field of chronic venous disease.

On a day-to-day basis, my role consists in:

  • Conducting bibliographic research, participating in the preparation of meetings with experts in order to produce the synopsis of the study in phase II, create its design and define the treatable population (inclusion and exclusion criteria).
  • Helping to constitute the sponsor study file for the completed phase III study.
  • Setting up corrective actions following an internal audit.
  • Participating in the drafting of scientific publications.
  • Drawing up a clinical study protocol for a new galenic form and assisting in the feasibility of the study.

This first experience in clinical development gives me a broader insight into the professions involved in clinical trials and reinforces my career plan choices.

I particularly appreciate the diversity of my activities due to participating in projects at different stages of development. The responsibilities entrusted to me on a daily basis and the confidence placed in me by my managers throughout my internship also enables me to work in a highly formative environment.

Matthias, Data Management trainee
MatthiasData Management trainee

TrainingMaster 2 degree in “Management of Clinical Operations and Data Management” Pharmacy Faculty – 5 years.

As a trainee in the Data Management department, I am in charge of data management activities concerning the follow-up of a clinical study.

On a day-to-day basis, my role consists in:

  • Checking and validating the clinical data to guarantee their quality and detect problems during the conducting of a study,
  • Managing external data (biology, ECG, etc.),
  • Participating in dedicated meetings with other departments and external partners.

This first experience in a private laboratory is an opportunity to discover the working world in which I can put to use my knowledge and the skills I acquired during my university training and my past professional experiences.

I particularly appreciate the regular contact with the various project managers and the external partners, and the attention shown by my superiors during the regular mission meetings and team meetings.

Laure, Contract Law trainee
LaureContract Law trainee

TrainingMaster 2: Business Law applied to the Health Care world Master 1: Business Law Master 1: Notarial Law Bachelor’s degree in Law

I am doing my internship in the Contract Law department of the Legal Affairs Directorate. Our main missions consist in evaluating and preventing any legal risk associated with the Group’s contractual commitments, and in advising and informing the Group’s Directorates in the implementation of contracts.

On a day-to-day basis, my role consists in:

  • Assisting the lawyers in the drafting of contracts and other legal documents: proofreading, comparison, analysis, etc.
  • Gathering the documents required for the drafting of the contracts, particularly by contacting operational staff,
  • Producing a monthly press review by gathering legal documentation,
  • Carrying out case law or doctrinal research in various matters of law.

I would like to pursue a career as a corporate lawyer, and this internship reinforces my decision to exercise this profession in the pharmaceutical industry.

I particularly appreciate the good atmosphere in my department and in the company in general, together with the freedom and autonomy I am granted in my work.

My integration was greatly facilitated by the presence of a large number of trainees in my department. The fact that we are grouped together in the same open-space office is a real asset, making it easier to meet people and creating a friendly environment in the department.

Arthur, R&D Project Management trainee
ArthurR&D Project Management trainee

TrainingSpecialized Master’s degree in Technological Project Management Engineering Diploma in Energy and Aircraft Propulsion

I am a trainee in R&D project Portfolio Management in the Directorate of R&D Operations. My job is to set up capacity analysis for the Group’s Research and Development departments. 

On a day-to-day basis, my role consists in:

  • Carrying out monitoring and reporting of financial and human resources on the projects of the various R&D entities.
  • Evaluating and monitoring estimated needs in terms of resources with the various project managers.
  • Advising the various R&D structures in the definition of their resources.

This first experience in the pharmaceutical industry gives me an opportunity to discover an exciting sector with many different lines of work requiring a variety of expertise. An engineer by training, this internship reinforces my career plan in an industrial environment.

I particularly appreciate the diversity of my tasks and of the matters which have been entrusted to me, but also the good atmosphere in my department which has greatly facilitated my integration in the team.