Student contracts

Today’s trainees are our future employees.

Olivier Laureau
President of the Servier Group.

Each year, we receive and train more than 300 trainees. This is an opportunity for students to acquire rich and unique experience in the pharmaceutical industry sector while putting into practice their theoretical skills and knowledge.

The missions proposed are varied and concerned all areas of our work. Each trainee receives specific attention: a training mission, supervision by an internship tutor, integration in a team and personalized follow-up.

We offer numerous apprenticeship missions for periods ranging from 12 to 36 months. This gives students the opportunity to join the working world while benefiting from an enriching experience thanks to general, theoretical and practical training.



Numerous pharmacy interns join our teams to discover the industrial world and acquire broader knowledge of the various sectors of the pharmaceutical industry.

The pedagogical dimension of the work entrusted to interns is predominant. This period is a springboard for employment which enriches students’ training experience and can lead to the possibility of joining the company after validation of the internship.

Several doctoral theses are funded in pharmaceutical research and development fields under CIFRE agreements.

During this period, students take part in important research projects following on from their research master’s degree, in which they are assisted and supported by their supervisors. This constitutes very significant initial experience which opens up excellent career prospects in the pharmaceutical research field.

Facilitating the integration of doctoral students in the working world following their PhD is one of our priorities. The missions entrusted are constructed in line with the student’s career plan. The aim is to produce results in order to validate hypotheses, evaluate innovative paths to success and embark on new research work with dedicated teams.