International corporate volunteer program

The International corporate volunteer program is a system enabling young Europeans aged 18 to 28, either students or graduates, to conduct a 6 to 24-month mission in a French company abroad.

For over ten years, our Group has offered the possibility of conducting a mission abroad to more than two hundred young people.

This program is an important step for those who wish to acquire unique and enriching experience on an international level.

Our opportunities are available in around twenty countries in four regions of the world (Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia/Oceania). Our missions concern several fields: Regulatory Affairs, Purchasing, IT, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, etc.

At the end of the mission, recruitment possibilities may be envisaged: a fixed-term contract or permanent contract in our international subsidiaries or in France. Many of our employees began their career in this way under the International corporate volunteer program.

To find out about our latest opportunities abroad, consult our available offers.

For further information on the International corporate volunteer program, consult the website of the Centre d’Information sur le Volontariat International (International Volunteer Information Center):

Collaborateur en VIE
Allan, Marketing Project Manager in Cambodia
AllanMarketing Project Manager in Cambodia

TrainingPharmacist with a specialized Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Marketing.

For 18 months now I have been working under the International corporate volunteer program in our International Representation Office based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where I am a Project Manager attached to the Marketing department.

My main mission is to ensure the implementation of the strategy established in advance by the head office in France in the activities of our Cambodian subsidiary. The diversity of my activities and the human scale of this structure comprising 23 employees enable me to work with all the departments and deal simultaneously with issues of a marketing, budgetary, regulatory or managerial nature.

On a day-to-day basis, I work mainly on the sales and marketing activities which include, among other things, follow-up of procurement, sales analysis, development of future promotional campaigns, participation in various promotional events and team field visits.

As soon as I arrived, I received a particularly warm welcome from all the employees who were there. I operate in a studious and very friendly working environment which reinforces my feeling of belonging within the team. And I also enjoy seeing the same smiles and friendliness outside work in the streets of Phnom Penh.

This V.I.E. experience is really extraordinary and highly enriching. I have the opportunity to discover a new environment and immerse myself in a culture with customs and habits which are as different as they are endearing. Daily life is very pleasant and there are many different possibilities for travelling. On the professional level, I have been able to experience the operational reality of a subsidiary where the tempo is set by last-minute changes, requests from the field teams and relations with doctors.

I now wish to pursue this great adventure through to the end while at the same time seizing the opportunities available to me. Ideally, I would like to continue to contribute to the Group’s worldwide development, either in a subsidiary or at the head office.

Elisabeth, Regulatory Affairs Officer in the U.K.
ElisabethRegulatory Affairs Officer in the U.K.

TrainingPharmacist with a Master’s degree in “Community law and pharmaceutical regulations” taken in an apprenticeship

For over a year I have been working in our UK subsidiary near London, as Regulatory Affairs Officer in the Regulatory Affairs department. My main role is to maintain the marketing authorizations (MA) of our drugs registered in the U.K.

On a day-to-day basis, I am responsible for:

  • Preparation and submission of variation applications to the MHRA, the British regulatory agency, and conducting relations concerning current applications.
  • Updating of the databases and procedures associated with regulatory affairs for the U.K. and legal monitoring of British and European legislation.
  • Preparation and validation of templates for the manufacturing of our drugs marketed in the U.K. and ensuring the compliance of the samples of each batch.
  • Communicating changes affecting the Summary of Product Characteristics and the notice to the persons concerned (sales force, marketing, etc.) within the set deadlines.
  • Correspondence with the Worldwide Regulatory Affairs department based at the head office in France.

This experience is particularly enriching due to the fact of living and working in England, speaking English every day and discovering a new culture which turns out to be quite different from ours.

From the time I arrived, the whole team was very welcoming and attentive to my questions. While highly professional, the working atmosphere remains relaxed and very pleasant, particularly due to the regular tea breaks employees take together. In the very comprehensive employee integration program I was given an overview of the subsidiary and even an initiation in driving in England, which was a very testing experience!

London is a huge, pleasant and very culturally dynamic city. It is very easy to adapt to daily life, except for finding good bread. I particularly appreciate the presence of large green areas right in the heart of the city, where it is common and very amusing to see foxes and squirrels on your way home. Having become a member of the National Trust, I am also taking advantage of this long stay to discover England and visit many places.

After this mission, I would like to stay in England and continue to work in the Regulatory Affairs field.


  1. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency
  2. An association for the conservation of heritage sites and buildings in Britain.

Alexander, Business Solutions Project Manager in South Korea
AlexanderBusiness Solutions Project Manager in South Korea

TrainingBachelor’s degree in economics and “Grandes Ecoles” Master’s degree in Economics and Finance.

I am working under the International corporate volunteer program in the financial department of our South Korean subsidiary in Seoul, as a Business Solutions Manager.

My main job is to implement a new computer solution for management of financial flows and to assist the various departments in the change management necessitated by this system.

On a day-to-day basis, I am responsible for:

  • Budget control and financial analyses in compliance with our internal and external standards.
  • Liaison between our subsidiary and the head office in France on the conducting of the project.
  • Relations with one of our local partners for the development, integration and customization of the software.

As soon as I arrived, I received a very warm welcome and was quickly integrated in the team. The working atmosphere is very pleasant due to the friendliness and courtesy, specific to Korean culture, of the people I work with. The human scale of our subsidiary also facilitates closeness and exchanges with the various departments.

This mission abroad is a tremendous life experience. Even though Korean culture is very different from western cultures, it was quite easy to adapt to it. Seoul is a very modern city and the local population is particularly friendly and welcoming. This stay is also a great opportunity to travel around Asia and visit many places.

On the professional level, this experience is very personally enriching. I have had a chance to see the realities of the organizational and managerial functioning of a subsidiary while at the same time having an overall view of the internal processes. The responsibilities I have been given are proof of my managers’ confidence in me and enable me to make rapid progress in my position as Project Manager.

Following my mission, I would like to capitalize on my experience in a subsidiary to work in the management control field at the Group’s head office.

Laura, Product Manager in Mexico
LauraProduct Manager in Mexico

TrainingPharmacist with a Master in Marketing at ESC Paris

I am working under the International corporate volunteer program in the Marketing department of our subsidiary in Mexico, as a Product Manager.

My main job is to define and set up an appropriate scientific information strategy for one of our drugs marketed in Mexico.

On a day-to-day basis, I am responsible for:

  • Working out a marketing strategy and operational solutions (positioning, creation of messages, communication materials, etc.).
  • Analysis and follow-up of sales.
  • Assisting the teams who convey the messages to health professionals.
  • Organizing scientific information events (round tables, conferences, symposiums, etc.).

As soon as I arrived, I was very warmly welcome and integrated in the team. The working atmosphere is particularly friendly due to the close relations between each employee and the regular organizing of internal events.

This experience abroad is enriching both on a personal and on a professional level, with a whole new world opening up every time I meet someone. My mission gives me the chance to discover a new business environment and work in a structure on a human scale in which I have a high degree of autonomy which allows me to take initiatives.

Even though it is sometimes difficult to be away from my family and friends, I am taking full advantage of this opportunity to travel across the whole American continent and discover new cultures.

In the longer term, I would like to obtain a position as regional director in Spain or in Latin America.